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Quarterlife Crisis and 20-something Life [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Quarterlife Crisis and 20-something Life

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(no subject) [Oct. 24th, 2008|09:08 am]
Quarterlife Crisis and 20-something Life


Win a signed copy of Ramen Noodles, Rent and Resumes: An After-College Guide to Life

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MTV True Life [Aug. 19th, 2008|12:50 pm]
Quarterlife Crisis and 20-something Life


Hey guys -

I hope you do not mind me posting in this community. I am a casting agent for MTV: True Life and I just want to let you know that we're currently looking to cast an episode called True Life: I'm Stuck at Home. We're exploring many different angles of being "stuck" at home including: Are you at the age where everyone has left their parents’ house but you’re still living at home?  Do you like the idea that your mom still cooks and does your laundry? Do your parents nag you to get a place of your own, but you can’t, or just don’t see the point?  Or do you have a significant other who wants you to get a place of your own at last? Conversely, are your parents refusing to let you leave home? Do you feel that you are an adult and able to leave but worry about offending your family by leaving home?. If anyone is interested in participating in this documentary, please let me know. You can contact me at leavehome@mtvn.com or (212) 654-4992.


MTV True Life

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(no subject) [Jul. 24th, 2008|11:06 am]
Quarterlife Crisis and 20-something Life

 Age: 24 
Job: full time receptionist / part time voice and piano teacher
Location: AL

In/Been Through/Survived a QLC: right in the middle of it

Where are you at in Your Life Now: Living in my parents basement, working at an unfulfilling job.  I have yet to graduate from college despite being in school for 6 years now.  I've changed schools and majors several times and right now I don't have the money to finish.  I'm over my head in debt from school loans. I trying to stay positve and hold on to hope. 

What do you hope to Get out of this Community: People who I can relate to and who can relate to me.  Hope and encouragement from anyone who has been where I am and has survived.

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(no subject) [Jul. 2nd, 2008|02:21 pm]
Quarterlife Crisis and 20-something Life

[mood |okayokay]

Name: Keren
Age: 23
Job: Property Assistant
Location: Seattle, WA
In/Been Through/Survived a QLC: All of the above?

Where are you at in Your Life Now: I’ve been at my current job for six months and feeling restless and slightly over-qualified. When I graduated last August I spent 2 months dealing with intense anxiety attacks about my future which were no doubt compounded by my then-boyfriend’s inability to relate [slackass-ness]. After moving out I squatted on my best friend’s couch for 2 months before finally landing my current job. My best friend (and her 3 year old) moved in together and we’re one big happy family now – though my other friend’s joke that “Jason has two mommies.” I’m happy with my job because it pays well and affords me luxuries that I didn’t have in college (read: an apartment with a dishwasher! Score!). But lately I’ve felt like this is sooo not what I had in mind.

What do you hope to get out of this Community: a shoulder, an ear, another set of judgmental friends (and I mean that in the most loving way)... I need people to put their advice bluntly and unapologetically.

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(no subject) [Jun. 28th, 2008|10:26 am]
Quarterlife Crisis and 20-something Life


I was reading this article, "Financial tips can help new college graduates," which was published by Eileen Alt Powell of the Associated Press. It discussed how a recent grad's spending was out of control at one point, as she was trying to furnish a grown-up image.

I think some grads are a little more practical. They realize that their first apartment out of college will look similar to their dorm room and may very well include blow-up furniture.

One thing in the article that was interesting is that the girl in the article started a money club dubbed "Smart Cookies" with a few other friends that was based on the "debt diet" by Oprah.

And poof--I'm thinking this group is out of debt now, as they've published The Smart Cookies' Guide to Making More Dough, which will be released in September. Check out their site at http://www.smartcookies.com. (There are some useful tools for money management!)

From the article:

"Hanna's biggest piece of advice to those graduating this year is to overcome the tendency to keep money matters totally private.

"Stop trying to fake it, and have a serious money discussion with your friends," she said. "Everyone will breathe a sigh of relief, because you'll find that you're not alone, that everyone is facing the same money pressures you are."

What tips do you use to stay smart about finances? Are you a smart cookie--why or why not?

comment at http://www.ramenrentresumes.com/2008/06/smart-cookies-anyone.html
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(no subject) [Jun. 27th, 2008|12:30 am]
Quarterlife Crisis and 20-something Life

[mood |confusedconfused]

 Age: 23  
Job: cashier/return desk
Location: NC

In/Been Through/Survived a QLC: I'm drowning in one

Where are you at in Your Life Now: Actually I started this journal to follow my journey as I go from gradution to hopefully a successful, secure, and independent adult life. So far I'm about a month and half outside of graduation and have been putting in resumes online, hoping for a job in the new media field. I'm frustrated that my school pushed a broad spectrum so I have my fingers in all these jars but really don't have a good grip anywhere. I specialize in film editing but no where in my state is a video editor wanted. The phone never rings with interview inquries. 

<lj-cut>The career center lady from my school told me that it'll be okay, I'll definitely have a job in my field, just give me 3-6 months. The thing is that all the jobs are located in NYC or LA. I've never been to a city bigger than Tampa, Atlanta, or Seattle so I'm scared to just apply to jobs where I've never been. For awhile I thought I wanted to live in a big city but now I think I'd like a small town and just relax after all these years of stress. 

Then I decided in the past 7 weeks that since I can't find a job in my field, maybe I should go back and get a master's in delivering babies. The only thing is that there is no federal or state grants for graduate students. ARGH. ARGH. 

Basically I'm feeling completely hopeless. I keep praying for guidance and direction in my life and it doesn't seem to be coming.

What do you hope to Get out of this Community: I'm hoping to find strength and ideas for how to get out of this rut. Everyone always said that its about the degree: just get that bacholers and you'll be set. Now no one wants me because I'm not in the medical field. I need help and support as I struggle. None of my other friends have graduated college yet. The rest skipped college and decided to have as many babies as they can pump out while living on the gov't's dime. :-(

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The older I become the more pathetic my life looks [Jun. 21st, 2008|11:47 pm]
Quarterlife Crisis and 20-something Life

Age: 24  
Job: waitress
Location: Florida
In/Been Through/Survived a QLC: I think I am in one right now 

Where are you at in Your Life Now: I am turning 24 in 2 days.  I have never been so depressed to turn a year older as I am right now.  After college (I graduated in Dec '06) I worked for Enterprise Rent a Car for almost a year.  I quit over the holiday season without another job lined up.  A month later, still unemployed, I went back to waiting tables.  I knew I would end up doing that, but I didn't expect to still be waiting tables 6 months later.  I have looked for another job and been on a few interviews, but nothing.  Nobody wants to pay worth shit around here.  And every day the job market is getting smaller and smaller.  When I see pics of college friends or ex boyfriends or if I hear from either,I get very sad and jealous. I feel like everyone is doing so much better than me.  People I know that have just graduated college a month ago already have a job and will probably be making more money than me.  I feel so pathetic! Not to mention the fact that I have been living at home for a year and half now!

What do you hope to Get out of this Community:  I want to know that I am not the only one going through this.  I would like to talk to someone who feels the same way I do.  I want to hear their stories and share some of my own.  I am hoping that all of our knowledge and wisdon together will make us feel better. 
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(no subject) [Jun. 18th, 2008|03:17 pm]
Quarterlife Crisis and 20-something Life

Name: Allison     
Age: 24  
Job: Unemployed as of a week and a half ago
Location: Boca Raton, Fl  
In/Been Through/Survived a QLC: I feel as though I am in one

Where are you at in Your Life Now: I am 24 and have so many interests, so many different paths I can see myself in, that I'm driving myself to failure. I have a BA in Art History, got accepted to grad school last month with grants and everything, but decided to turn it all down because although I love art, I don't want to job that comes with it (i.e. working in a museum or simply teaching). I volunteered at a museum in West Palm Beach and decided it wasn't for me. (Maybe I am not the office job type?) I have always wanted my own business, but don't know what kind I'd want or how to even begin depending on the business. I live at home with my parents, which doesn't bother me, and I have a wonderful girlfriend of three years who has one year left in law school. I was working in an aftercare, part time for 9 months, and got certified to teach only for there to be a hiring freeze due to the shitty economy. I think teaching would be an ok job, but I feel like I would be settling. I just really don't know where to go from here.

What do you hope to Get out of this Community: Reading everyone's posts made me think maybe we all shouldn't define ourselves by our careers. Although I feel the same looking at my peers with babies, and marriages and they're all accountants or pharmacists or in law school and I get really down on myself. But I hope we can lift each others spirits and help each other navigate through our lives.
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online relationship...but never met? [Jun. 17th, 2008|11:33 am]
Quarterlife Crisis and 20-something Life

Can you help? I am conducting a study for my doctoral dissertation looking at characteristics of individuals who are involved in online romantic relationships with people they have never met face-to-face.

If you are involved in one of these online relationships, or have been involved in one, would you be so kind as to take my survey?


This is a completely anonymous survey, and no data can be traced to any particular individual.

I appreciate any help you can give me in acquiring participants for this research! Please contact me with any questions you may have. I’d be happy to answer them.

Landi Turner
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(no subject) [Jun. 12th, 2008|05:48 pm]
Quarterlife Crisis and 20-something Life

So I'm going to the UK through an exchange program... I only need three credits to get my degree but I'm taking a full semester (sept-jan) abroad because idk what else to do with myself (plus it looks like an awesome time).

 Honestly, I'm trying to put off the real world as long as possible- or at least until I have some idea what kind of job I want. I keep changing my mind, and it scares me because it seems like everyone else has some sort of a plan or at least guideline by the time they're 22 and done with college. Right now I'm considering law, but I'm on a new drug (prozac) that is making my mood great but my head cloudy. Its hard to think of words sometimes and I'm not as eloquent in my speech as I KNOW I'm capable of. Its irritating, and I feel that it is limiting. But I shouldnt let that stop me from pursuing the potentially perfect job, right?

I really need to move out of my parents house. I'm only here for the summer since leaving college because I have nowhere else to go at this point, Then in the fall I go to Europe... and then where do I go? Maybe my travels will give me some insight. I think I want to get a higher degree one way or the other, so that will give me the opportunity to be away from home again. I want a decent income as well. I'm so nervous! I wish I was one of those people who has a boyfriend/girlfriend and at least has the support and encouragement of his or her significant other. One of my friends is moving to Illinois (we're from NY) with her boyfriend, while he goes to Grad school and she works, and then she's going to apply to grad school and he's going to move with her wherever she goes and he's going to work. How awesome a plan is that?

Life is scary after college.
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